Fat infusion to eyelids

Fat infusion to eyelids

Fat infusion to eyelids

On earth how will you perform the fat infusion to eyelids?

Various changes happen to the body of the person when they get old.

It is one to have sunken circumference of eyes. When the fat around eyes disappeared and has had that I looked older, and it came to seem that I became thin hollow in some cases.

As for the person of the double eyelid, two folds may sometimes become dim for the hollow of eyes.

It is to inject fat that I can improve the hollow of eyes.

I inject fat and hyaluronic acid little by little along the line of eyes surrounding the slack to cancel a step made around eyes.

It is a recommended beauty surgical operation for the person who wants to cancel the person who lost the tension of eyes じりのしわの cancellation and an upper eyelid and lower eyelids, the hollow of eyes.

The infusion method to use the special needle for does not use the female, and is it not a merit that a scar is not left?

Because it is not the surgical operation that I cut it and paint with, without swelling, it is short at surgical operation time, and face-wash and make are possible from the day when they operated.

As for the infusion method of the hyaluronic acid, a company and the school do not stop rhythm of the life, and is it not a merit that it is not necessary to destroy it?

Infusion seems to feel hardness such as the stiffness just after that, but is not interested in some cases in a few days.

It is that it fixes the balance of the whole adjustment triumphant air in the shadow of the face to be enabled by injecting fat as much as it decreased around eyes.

Because it is a surgical operation to need a delicate technique, the fat infusion should look for a clinic and the vanity surgery with the positive results.


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